We offer a one stop road lock off service to the Commercial, Stills and Feature Industry.

Our team of trained lock off guys & girls, will arrive an hour before the schedule/ permitted lock off time, to set up and position all the relivant road closure signs required by the South African roads Authority, thus just having to walk it into position at closure time.

Having been in the position of having to close off the roads and still maintain all your normal Unit or Location Manager roles, it can be very stressful. With Lock Off you will only need to show them the shooting permit and the rest shall take care of its self..

There shall be a dedicated senior person with each team that will communicate with the person at each lock off point and advise the AD/ Unit/ locations person on set that the road is clear and ready to shoot.

road lock off's
parking lock offs

Need a strong person to manage those difficult parking lock offs?

Lock Off makes use of 1.2m event fencing to make sure your parking bays are not taken by guys driving over your traffic cones. Working with your on set guards, the guys make sure your parking is ready for when your unit or shooting crew arrives to park/. Film

floor and wall covering

Got a sensitive location with beautiful floor and walls and need to protected them before the crew arrives? Lock Off can come onto site before hand and with the use of cardboard and tape, neatly cover up all the sensitive area.

The additional use of carpet runners can be used to reduce marks from wet and dirty gear and footwear.

At the end of filming the team will pop back in and remove all the covering and give the location a quick once over

THE lock Off